Thursday, December 6, 2012

long over due update….

I see the last post ive made is back in June.. that’s like  5 months ive been away from here.. well not away, Ive checked in, but never got around to put anything up.

whew, so the time since my last post has been quite something. Ive started my last year @ saitm, started work at a new place, worked on two awesome side projects, was part of one the worst break ups ever, joined a gym, and finally, got a new laptop!

So the work thing, I’ve been at Arimac since October 2nd as the “3D guy”. Hopefully can wrap up and show some stuff from the project next week, plus I've learnt some workflows to manage and work with multi layered cloth sims, and how to deal with accessories that have to be attached on to a cloth( buttons, belt buckles). The people have been really cool and it’s a fun place to be. Oh and yeh, we invariably get at least one cake per week!Party smile

Now for the two side projects. The first one was for ‘pulz’, an IT day organized by ACICT. My good friend Shyamal came to me and asked if we could do a small scene of two robots belting it out infront of the world trade center and also that it will have to be shown in 3d (anaglyph). It sounded cool so I got two other guys, Dinesh and Rachitha and we worked on it. Eventually we ended up not having enough time to do any proper animation, and we had to resort to some ugly ass movements to actually finish it off. Even though the end result actually sucked, I got to do some hard surface modeling again and my technical rigging chops were somewhat tested. Plus the guys meshed together and we had a pretty fun time working side by side for the last week. Here’s a shot of the two robots. We are trying to redo the shots with some proper animation, but with my studies, work and other projects its kind of hard to find some time to devote to this.


The textures were all done by Dinesh and the head was done by Rachitha.

The other project was a music video for the Satellite that was launched jointly by China and Sri Lanka. Quite frankly so far its probably my favorite project mainly because it’s got a lot of exposure, but more so because I actually feel good about what I managed to do within one day. Yes, I know you are never supposed to be satisfied with anything you do, boo hoo, but to hell with that.

This is the final video, all 3d stuff is me, and the compositing and some color grading was done by Shyamal and Sathyajee. Again it was awesome collaborating and bring out something like this in such an incredibly short deadline!

Finally, the new laptop. Im writing this out on it right now on my bed and feeling awesome about not being tethered to a desk or static work place. It’s the inspiron 5520 with an i7, 8 gigs of ram and 1T hdd. The graphics however are nothing to write home about. standard HD 4000. Not ideal for DCC work, but that’s not my main use of this laptop anyway, so im okay with that.

So finally hope you’ll are doing great and I sincerely hope Ill get to update at least twice before this year runs out.

hmm tomos Friday, that means sports day(badminton) @ work! woohooo!! Hot smile



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