Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going to the First Grade.

well, today, I'm going to vafa for the first time. I've got a buttload of 'art stuff'. charcoal, kneaded erasers, several variants of pencils, large paper, and all that. :) I bought these last week, and I couldn't wait till today so I tried the compressed charcoal stick. MAAAN that was awesome!  hell messy though. I got it all over my arm, and then my keyboard :\ . had to clean that for about 15 mins.
Anyways, I'm utterly jelly kneed at the thought of having to go there and draw with all those artists  looking over my shoulder. No matter how much I tell myself that everyone has to start somewhere, when you actually have to do it, it's intimidating.
The scary aspect aside, I'm also really excited about today. I can't wait to get there, and just learn all the things that I can use. anatomy, tone, colours, lines and other stuff i don't even know about yet. -___- As the title suggests, this is indeed like going to school again. 


I got a totally kickass book named "Designing Movie creatures and Characters" at the recently held book fair. And I've got to say it's worth its' weight in gold.
here's the amazon link .
 A word of caution though, it's about practical effects. Animatronics, Makeup and stuff that isn't CG. Even though, it's fascinating. It's filled to the brim with accounts of some of the best sculptors and artist in the movie business today.

So I've been going through it today, and I realized that it would be cool to try and do some of these creatures in the computer. The following model is the first attempt. It's Drake, from Blade|Trinity. There are two full page illustrations of him in the book. First is the beautiful concept colour sketch by Steve Wang, and the other is actual Drake character on set.So far I'm neutral on this piece. It still doesn't have that 'edge' the real Drake has. you know, the creepiness, or the evilness. Still, lots more to be done. So hopefully turns out better.

As for the modeling it's all done in Zbrush. I used Zspheres to get the basic structure in, and then went to town with the clay tubes and move brush. Actually this is the first model where I actually got the hand done with Zspheres. The 'horn y' stuff were done with the Displace brush. Then gradually sculpted over the model with clay, Dam-standard and slash3.

 Well, that's it for now. I'm getting late for classes.


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