Sunday, October 30, 2011


aah, today I'm starting a project that has been on my mind for quite a while. Creating some ed-videos on the thing i love the most. But so far i have been busy with work, studies and lot of other other stuff. But right now, all I have is VAFA and another part-time gig and figured I'm never gonna get more free than this, so here goes.
I'll be creating a creature from scratch. This is more of  demo than a tutorial though. Mainly because half the time I'll be learning these stuff myself. For example, there are a few times in this video itself, I don't know what the hell to do and have to think things through..
Back on topic though, I'll be creating a creature. I'm hoping to cover the following processes.
-concepting the creature in ZBrush.
-Building a base mesh with better topology or retopologizing the concept sculpt.
-Sculpting the fine details in ZBrush
-Taking the base mesh from ZB, laying out the UVs and inserting the UV-ed mesh back into ZB to generate displacements.
-Creating the textures
-Setting up a shader with multiple maps and Rendering
I actually might even go onto rig it. I've been wanting to test the muscle toolset for a long time but i just didn't have a good model.  Hope i can finally dig in with this one.

Disclaimer- This in no way is a video tutorial. This is merely me recording while i work. I haven't edited anything, except for speeding up the video 3x. So all the mistakes and accidents are in here for all to see( and laugh at). I'm simply hoping these videos would somewhat give you a general overview of how to go about creating a high-end character.

click here to view the video of Concepting Timocil

About the name of the character
Timocil is a nod towards my absolute favorite sitcom ever- Arrested Development. The actual spelling is 'Teamocil'. But that seems weird, so, I settled on Timocil. it seemed appropriate for the design I ended up with. lol, now he sounds like he's from Greece or something.

Well thats about it for now. I hope I can complete this on a high note.


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