Monday, March 21, 2011

Facebook and me

Today 21st march 2011 is a kinda a historic day for me. I just did something I never dreamed I would.

I deactivated my Facebook Account. *big deal*

yes, deactivated, not deleted. -___- . The allure of FB is such that I couldn't bear the thought of losing forever all those photos, comments, msgs and most of all, friends. So, as a measure of insuarance, I simply 'deactivated' my account. So when I really can't bear it anymore, I can easily log in again. :P

And I'm indeed going back. It's just that right now, it's taking up too much of my time. Time I could be spending on learning, studying and practicing stuff. Today I went through the entire gallery at ZbrushCentral and I was amazed beyond words at the level of detail in some of the artworks showcased there. Those artists have so much talent it's scary. And all of them share a common sentiment. "It's not just pure talent. It's a hell of a lot of practise, study and sleepless nights."

Some day I want to be able to say "heyy my piece is up there on the TopRow" or "heyy my piece is feautured on CGS!!!"... but that day is not today. And right now i have decided to focus on modeling. I want to really dig deep into anatomical studies, hard surface stuff and all the things in between. And in order to make time for that, FB just had to go.

And also on the plus side, now i have waaay more time than before to post stuff up here. :D


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