Tuesday, June 7, 2011

seduce Zephorah

phew, been a looong time since writing stuff here. so nyhoo,, thought of sharing something I did here for a friend of mine. This was for one of his CIMA presentations and he asked me to come up with picture of a perfume bottle shaped like a bust of a nude woman. :D :D :D

How could I say no to that?

Anyways, some modeling + sculpting + rendering days later here's what came out at the end. Don't have WIP pics, since I was HELL busy with my assignments as well while I was making this and couldnt stop to take screenshots or anything.  However, its' all simple poly modeling. Sent to Zbrush for the writing and the hair, decimated it and took it to keyshot for the rendering.

hope u'all like it.


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  1. i cud use this type of culture at my vip area... nway good stuf bro