Thursday, April 14, 2011

HEX grid creator for Maya

phew, busy like hell these days. Got a lot going on my plate atm. Finally decided to do some anatomical studies. So far they have been an utter revelation to me. I cannot believe that I had even tried to model human without that knowledge. So far I've only really completed the arm. And some proportional drawings of the male form. I have to say it is absolutely awesome. And also I have decided to take the plunge and take a CG Workshop. Costs like hell, but career wise, I think this will be my best move so far.

On a different topic, I have started to work on a hexagonal grid creator for Maya. This started to take seed from some time back. I saw a certain modeller in max create some beautiful hexagonal grids. But, I had no idea how to do it in maya. Since I've been a staunch advocate of "software doesn't matter, the artist does", the fact that I was clueless on how to do that really annoyed me. However, I only had the chance to try out some techniques two three days back.


I'm glad to say I finally managed to do it. It took me some 2-3 hours. But finally I got a solid way to create hex meshes quickly. I found out three main techniques. However, only one of them really made a hit with me. ((I will explain the steps in a later blog post)).

Anyhoo, at this point I started toying with the idea of making a simple mel script to create a base hex mesh to start working with. I will try and develop it to create complete meshes at user request. But for now I have finished writing a script that generates this. The mesh on the left is the generated mesh. The one on the right is a simple extrusion of the mesh.

I'm really pleased with this result. Obviously this has a heck of a lot of errors still. For example, theres one point where the script creates a group and transforms it's pivot point to a world space coordinate. I will have to come up with some functions involving variables like the original cylinders radius and somehow connect those up.

oh well, enough rambling. Hope this project comes out ok.

hope you have a sira day!


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