Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here's a WIP of my latest project. 
I want to do an animation on this one (NO still images for this one!), the concept is of course an alien, who is connected to an hovercraft. he controls the craft by a controller embedded on his spine.

I started the alien with Z brush. Really easy to get the muscle flow with Zsketching. I haven't added any hands because most probably he'll have robotic appendages. 

A quick texture paint I did on the model to test the UVs.. came out pretty well. 

Did a quick sketch over a side render of the model in Ps. I also did one for the front view also. Now I can overlay these sketches as image planes over my model in Maya, so that I can have some clear guidelines. .

The imageplanes overlayed and the Alpha gain adjusted so that the white background is transparent.

Still have to adjust the image planes a bit. But overall,, now I have a pretty good idea about the where the model is going. The hard part will be the rigging, since both the craft and the alien will be a single character.. :\ well I'll have to figure that out when I get there... :)